ISO 14001:2015 Transition

Planning a smooth transition starts with understanding the new standard and your options!

As you are hopefully aware, the ISO 14001 standard has been released. It has been over a decade since the 2004 revision.

With these impending changes to the standard, many of you will have questions with regards to how these changes will affect your company and how the transition process is going to be undertaken.

These changes are significant in nature and thus will require an evaluation of companies’ existing management systems to confirm the degree of conformity with the new risk based approach as detailed in ISO 14001:2015.

Background for the Change- The Impact of Annex SL

In April 2012 the International Standards Organization (ISO) published Annex SL (previously ISO Guide 83) of the Consolidated ISO Supplement of the ISO/IEC Directives. This document provides identical structure, text and common terms and definitions for management systems standards to follow for future revisions.

Over the years, ISO has published many management system standards for topics ranging from quality and environment to information security, business continuity management and records management. Despite sharing common elements, ISO management system standards come in many different shapes and structures. This, in turn, results in some confusion and difficulties at the implementation stage. This new approach will ensure consistency among future and revised management system standards and make integrated use of these standards far simpler. It will also make the standards easier to read and, in so doing, better understood by the users.

Three management system standards have already been published in this new harmonized format with another seven on the way. Both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 will follow the new outline during their revision process.

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